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2013 Government Directory for Crawfordsville and Montgomery County

Updated and expanded in the spring of 2013, this handy booklet lists names and contact information for your local, state and national government officials. These directories are being distributed free through public libraries, governmental offices, the Chamber of Commerce, the Visitors Bureau, the Carnegie Museum, and the League itself. You can also download a PDF version here (file size 2.7 MB) (Adobe Reader Required).

Focus on Montgomery County

Most recently updated in the summer of 2011, the LWVMC publication "Focus on Montgomery County" is distributed free through area public libraries, governmental offices, schools, the Chamber of Commerce, the Visitors Bureau, and the League itself, as a public service to our community. The current version is our tenth update of this long-standing publication.

Resources for Montgomery County's Spanish-Speaking Community (Recursos Para La Comunidad Hispano-hablante Del Condado Montgomery)

The most recent edition of this publication was completed in October 2006. Originally designed to support the work of the now defunct Hispanic Center of Montgomery County, these books were distributed throughout the county. Although no longer widely available in print form, a PDF version can be downloaded here. (file size 1.3 MB) (Adobe Reader Required.)

Fast Facts: The Drains of Montgomery County

Published in May 2006 as a joint venture between the LWVMC, the Drainage Board, and the Soil and Water Conservation District, this tri-fold brochure includes information about the county's drains, answers a list of frequently asked questions, and provides contact information for county drainage administrators. These brochures were distributed free to landowners at Drainage Board meetings and are no longer widely available, but you can download a PDF version here. (file size 400 KB) (Adobe Reader Required)

The Voter of Montgomery County

The LWVMC's monthly newsletter is mailed to members nine times each year.

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