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2013-2014 Local Program

Economic Health & Outreach to Small Communities

Continue to support city and county-wide economic development as stated in the LWV Montgomery County position, including support for county-wide planning and zoning.

Continue to work with small communities interested in pursuing “Build a Better Community” forums and the Small Community Network, as needed. Possible action includes hosting a meeting of town board presidents and clerk treasurers to understand their accomplishments and needs.  

Study local workforce development issues, including the challenges of recruiting and keeping workers, educational challenges, and incentives for assisting local industries that want to expand as well as attracting new industries.  Possible action includes the development of metrics for assessing economic health of the community and a publication of an annual community economic health fact sheet, using those metrics and sharing our data. 

Economic Health Position Statement (updated April 2009)

Health Care

Study the health care needs in Montgomery County. Possible topics include health care for the uninsured, the need for a local Urgent Care facility, and the Free Clinic project. Possible actions include hosting a public meeting to discuss the results of the hospital’s community needs assessment and educating the public on the assessment’s findings. A new position on local health care may come out of this study.

Land Use in Montgomery County

Continue to support our positions regarding drainage and county-wide planning.

Drainage Administration Position Statement (August 2005)

Land Use/Planning Position Statement (November 1989)

Presentation on Crawfordsville's 2025 Comprehensive Plan (476 KB PDF, Adobe Reader Required) (August 2007)

Local Government Reform

Continue to support our position on local government in the city and county.

Local Government Position Statement (December 2009)

2008 Data Sheet Update, Township Trustee Report (64 KB PDF, Adobe Reader Required) (March 2009)

Township Trustee Study Final Report (444 KB PDF, Adobe Reader Required) (November 2008)

E-911 Study Final Report (127 KB PDF, Adobe Reader Required) (September 2010)

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