League of Women Voters of Montgomery County











The League of Women Voters is a nonpartisan, multi-issue organization that encourages informed and active participation in government. The League influences public policy through education and advocacy at the three levels of government: local, state, and national.

In Montgomery County, the local League is a powerful force, representing over 140 women and men. Organized in 1947, we are one of the largest and most active Leagues in Indiana. We conduct candidate forums and debates, run registration and get-out-the-vote campaigns, sponsor informational programs and publications for schools and community organizations, and study and act on issues. League members also observe meetings of many Crawfordsville and Montgomery County governmental boards, councils and commissions as well as each of the county's three school boards.

Montgomery County League members regularly participate in state and national LWV conventions, councils, and meetings. A number of local Leaguers have served as officers and board members of the LWV of Indiana, and have been appointed to task forces of the national League. We were also the recipient of the LWVUS's 2006 Citizen Engagement Award.

The League is nonpartisan. We never support or oppose political parties or candidates, although individual members are encouraged to do so on their own. Through local, state, and national publications, we are kept informed on a wide variety of current topics.

General meetings for the LWVMC are usually held on the third Thursday of each month, September through May. Lunch with the League is held on the first Monday of each month, October through April. Please check our calendar for more details; we would be happy to have you join us!

Membership is open to men and women of all ages. Joining at the local level automatically confers membership at the state and national levels.

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